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In the past, doctors usually approached disease treatment and prevention strategies for the average person by the way of “one-size-fits-all”, with less consideration for the differences between individuals. Personalized medicine considers the difference in genomics for disease treatment, and precision medicine further takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle of each person for disease treatment and prevention. KimForest was founded in 2004 in Taiwan, and provided devices, reagents, and analysis pipelines to health care providers, which include screening tests for cancer and inherited diseases. Since 2014, the "GeneOnLink" (GoL) precision medicine division has been established to provide next generation sequencing (NGS) analysis services for cancer studies, including experimental design, sequencing service, bioinformatics analysis, and consulting service.


KimForest’s precision medicine products can be divided into two categories. The first category provides genetic testing, drug report and monitoring tools for cancer patients. We use NGS to detect patients’ mutations, and find relevant FDA approved drugs, off-label use drugs, and global clinical trials for these mutations. As for relapse monitoring, cell free DNA (cfDNA) is extracted from whole blood, and we identify circulating tumor DNA in cfDNA as an indicator to find cancer cells. We also have a panel for hereditary breast and ovarian cancers. This panel detects the presence of BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutations. BRCA1 and BRCA2 are human genes that produce tumor suppressor proteins. When either BRCA1/2 is mutated, its protein product is either not made or does not function correctly. Hence, DNA damage may not be repaired properly. As a result, cells are more likely to develop additional genetic alterations that can lead to cancer.


The second category, called GoL Life, provides a non-invasive genome-wide health assessment for healthy persons. Customers’ DNA is collected from cells via mouthwash, and we decipher these DNA, detect which genes have changes, and then report the risks of different traits, such as obesity, alcohol flush reaction, and cancer. DNA almost does not change in whole life, so customers only need to have one test in whole life to understand their secret in DNA. Moreover, GoL Life is designed for Asians: we examine genes that change constantly in Asians.


The GoL lab is designated for Precision Medicine. For this purpose, we have been using sophisticate techniques such as NGS to serve our clients. The GoL lab has thus far analyzed more than thousand cancer samples. Since multiple biomarker analysis was initiated and has been operated at our lab, the quality of these tests has been widely recognized for years. As our business growing, GoL lab has recently recruited a Professor (MD and PhD) as a Chief Operation Officer and many MD and PhD on our scientific board. We respectfully hope that we could bring these valuable services to anyone who needs them!